Imaging Services

Siemens 32 Channel 3-Tesla Verio

In order to ensure that you receive the highest quality imaging, we have chosen the advanced MRI technology of the Siemens Verio system. With the combined strength of the 3T and full 32 channels of our MRI system, we are able to detect abnormalities that are missed on other scanners. 

The ultra short length, wide bore design of the Verio provides all patients, including claustrophobic or larger patients, with maximum comfort.

CT Services

Siemens Somatom Go Up

Neuro Imaging Winter Park’s commitment to high quality imaging continues with our Siemens Somatom Go Up. Our 64-slice multidetector scanner has the latest in dose reduction technology, allowing for safe and fast scan times with high-resolution imaging.

MR Arthrography

MR arthrography is a technique of imaging the tendons and ligaments of joints (most commonly the shoulder, knee, and wrist) by injecting MR contrast fluid into the joint to be imaged. The actual injection often takes less than 5 to 10 minutes and is done under fluoroscopy to assist the performing radiologist in achieving a successful injection.

The pain is minimal because of the small needle size and the use of a local anesthetic. MRI images are obtained both before and after injection.