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“What can I say about a man that I had not met personally, who went “above and beyond” to what may very well have saved my life! After several visits to various doctors and an x-ray at another facility revealed nothing, fortunately I was finally sent to Neuro Imaging Winter Park for an MRI. Dr. Shapiro quickly made a diagnosis and discovered that I was in need of immediate emergency medical attention.  Before I even arrived back home, he and his front office assistant, Nancy, called me back to the facility where Dr. Shapiro explained to me the gravity of my situation.  I was ecstatic that I finally had an answer! Though it was already late, Dr. Shapiro made sure that I was immediately admitted to the hospital. Nancy went above the call of duty as she accompanied me to the hospital despite the fact that it was close to midnight.  She stayed with me through the admittance process and did not leave until she was certain that I had been seen by the physician. Due to Dr. Shapiro's intervention on my behalf, the emergency room doctor was actually waiting for me!  It is easy to see Dr. Shapiro's care and compassion in both his actions and his words.  This same concern is shown through his entire staff at Neuro Imaging Winter Park.  Dr. Shapiro, thank you for what you did for me and what I know you do for others on a regular basis!”

Mike Daniel

Words do not do justice in expressing my gratitude to the people at Neuro Imaging Winter Park. When Dr. Shapiro diagnosed that my son's MRI revealed a condition that needed immediate care, I was placed in a very precarious situation because we were a thousand miles from home. It was imperative that my son have surgery that day! Dr. Shapiro went to great lengths to find us the perfect pediatric neurosurgeon at Shands Children’s Hospital at the University of Florida who could perform the emergency procedure that my son desperately needed. Dr. Shapiro’s skill and care made all the difference in my son's future! Even after it was out of his hands and my son had had his surgery, Dr. Shapiro did not hesitate to call me to find out how my son was doing. I am so very thankful to him and all of the staff members that helped to see us through a very difficult time. He and his staff will not be forgotten!

Judie Schneider

"Thank you, Dr. Shapiro, for the care and compassion that you demonstrated to me and my wife, Denise, when she had her MRI. The qualities you possess make you outstanding among our medical community. The entire experience at Neuro Imaging Winter Park was excellent. Again, many thanks!"

Douglas Sprung, MD, FACG, FACP

"They've been just wonderful to me. I've had many MRI scans and will only go to Neuro Imaging Winter Park. The staff has always been very caring in their treatment of me as an individual. I also noticed that they were just as kind to other patients. Dr. Shapiro has personally called me to explain the results of my scan."

Arlene Guss

"They're like family. I can't speak highly enough about Dr. Shapiro and the entire staff. There's a sincere concern about your well being and Dr. Shapiro goes out of his way to take care of patients. He has called me at home personally. Tests that weren't ordered by my doctor, Dr. Shapiro did anyway at his own expense because he knew it would make my treatment much more effective. They are really just a caring, great bunch of people."

Jeremy Dotzler

"Everything is just excellent; the service, the scans, everything. I've had MRI scans at other places and Neuro Imaging Winter Park is the only place that I would ever go to again."

Carol Denicole, Ph.D

"I very highly recommend Neuro Imaging Winter Park. The service is excellent. When I had my scan, they were extremely caring and made me so comfortable that I didn't even feel like I was in a MRI scanner. The experience was so easy in comparison to other places that I have been to. It's the best, believe me."

Jackline Buckmire



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