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  Patient Information - Claustrophobia  

Claustrophobic patients are often anxious about the MRI experience, usually triggered by the thought of lying in a long narrow tube. However, modern MRI's have much shorter and wider cylinders than in years past, making the experience much more comfortable for claustrophobic patients. Sometimes, the patients head doesn't even need to be inside the gantry, depending on the body part being imaged.

Some MRI's are constructed with only a top and a bottom, leaving the sides open. These are referred to as open MRI's. Because the sides are open, the actual image quality of open MRI's is somewhat lower than a standard MRI.

At NSI Winter Park, we have the shortest and widest MRI cylinders available in the world for MRI's and also offer a high field open MRI, ensuring the most positive experience possible. See Our World Class Equipment page to find out more.

Our radiologist will also prescribe oral or intravenous medication for onsite sedation. You don't need a prescription from your referring doctor or need to take medication in advance of your appointment. Simply tell your referring doctor or our office staff at the time your exam is scheduled and we will make the appropriate arrangements. Make sure to have someone to drive you home after your examination.


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